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He is someone who submits willingly and absolutely to the will of Allah, the almighty. He lives consistently by the tents of Al-Islam. He considers the sayings of Allah and his messenger in whatever he sets out to do.

In this age of rocket-science, there exist quite a lot of novel inventions which could only be dreamt about in the Prophetic era. This poses a challenge to present-day Muslims, as patterning their lives with that of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon his soul) would be somewhat difficult considering the quantum jump experienced in technological, environmental, and socio-economic spheres. One of such new inventions is the internet, and more specifically, social networks.

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More than 14 hundred years ago, the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) foretold of a time when there will be widespread corruption, men will mate with men and women with women, wars and homicides will be on the high[1], female singers and musical instruments will become popular, nations will be ruled by the worst of their citizens[2]. A time when adultery will be committed openly and with impunity[3]. A time of chaos, when normality will become abnormal, when good deeds will be frowned at and evils rewarded. A time, of ‘immoralities and degrading tendencies.’ Sad to say that that time is here. It is staring us in the face, poking its filth into our lives and it has, in fact, managed to gain our acquiescence.

These days, a lot of upsetting spectacles meet my eyes that I fear they will sink in, in shame and disgust. No day passes without one being greeted with depressing news reports. If it is not of a man getting married to a dog[4] or of a union of prostitutes fighting for their right to operate openly[5], it will be of ‘men’ of God and school principals defiling children young enough to pass as their grandkids[6]. The situation, no doubt, is not just getting out of hand; it has already got out of hand. However, is it so bad to have gone beyond redemption? To this, I reply again with the words of Prophet Muhammad: ‘there is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its treatment.’ [7] Thus, for every problem, no matter how seemingly gigantic, there is a solution. So what is the solution to this pressing problem? How may we curb the immoralities that have enveloped our society?

Allah says in the Qur’an; ‘surely Allah does not change a people’s lot unless they change what is in their hearts[8]. This verse is similar to the age-old saying that ‘heaven helps those who help themselves’, and it goes to show the importance of self-evaluation and individual development to societal reformation. And like a Greek philosopher [9] once said; ‘the city is what it is because our citizens are what they are.’ In other words, the change has to start from every individual, if we are ever going to get anywhere. We all need to collectively resolve to know what is evil, shun it and return to the will of our Lord.

In addition to this, the family also has a key role to play in this movement. It is widely acknowledged among scholars that the first agent of socialisation is the family. Whether a child will grow up to be an ‘Abu Bakr’ or an ‘Abu Lahab’ is primarily a function of his/her background. Today, the family system has become a shadow of its former self. We are in a world where fathers are busy 24 hours with sustaining the family. And mothers, whose duty it is to look after the home, are even busier than the family head. We are in a world where the closest companion of the young ones is not the chest of their mothers but that of teddy bears. We are in a world where majority of what children learn is got from social networks. In such a world, how can immorality not skyrocket beyond our control? Hence, we will achieve nothing unless we restore the efficacy of the family.

Finally, it is the case that all other establishments can merely recommend what is appropriate; only the government of the day that can enforce it. It only, can legitimately penalise what is wrong and harmonise legality with morality. If after all is said and done and we still have persons who contravene the common ethical code of the society, then the corrective hand of the law is needed to restore balance, effect justice and eradicate corruption from the land.

I wish to conclude by citing the flawless words of Allah (SWT) in the Holy Qur’an where He says: ‘Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what  is wrong, and believing in Allah[10].’ Therefore, each and every one of us must take it as our responsibility to do good, enjoin good and forbid evil. We must all strive to put an end to the immoralities and degrading tendencies in our society, lest they be the one to put an end to us.

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“o you who believe! Be patient and excel in patience and remain steadfast, and be careful of (your duty to)Allah, that you may be successful.”

One faithful day, during the hour of Salatu-l-Zuhr (afternoon prayer for muslims), a musafir (traveller) was urged to lead the congregation in prayer. And after the completion, he narrated a short but beautiful story on the virtues of patience and forbearance. In shaa Allah, I will retell this story, as accurately as possible, using his own perspective.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

There was a time I had problem with my skin, so I paid a visit to a clinic that specialises in skin diseases, or so it seemed. I was told to wait, along with some others, at the reception. There were four of us; two appear to be conscious muslims and the last individual is a lady.

As time went by, the lady began to sing Christian songs, apparently seeing that those with are belong to another faith. Ideally, the muslim brothers ignored the lady’s clear attempts at provoking. Not getting the result she wanted, the lady raised her voice, and even turned in the muslims’ direction. Yet, they remained calm. In fact, being a muslim myself, and witnessing the whole episode, I felt obliged to address the woman and correct her lapse. More so, that my appearance would not present me as one who is biased. However, I remained silent.

After some time, the two brothers left the reception. And I asked the lady why exactly she pulled the stunt, knowing full well that they are muslims. She then said; “No o! Don’t you know those guys? They’re not muslims! One bears the name Paul and the other one is Samuel.” I was shocked at this response, but not for too long as I soon found out that she had a mental impairment.

Just imagine what could have happened if the reaction of the muslims had been retaliatory or violent? Who knows what might have ensued.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The lesson I learnt from this story is to be patient in all situations. Things are not always as they seem. A muslim does not act based on emotion, but on reasoning. He does not allow his ego to rule over his intellect and moral code. If everyone goes mad, a muslim must be able to keep his head.

The truth is that if the two brothers had complained or shouted at the lady, everyone would heap the blame on them. The world is forever watching the muslim ummah for mistakes, flaws and shortcomings so that they may capitalise on such, and tarnish the image of Islam. We cannot allow this to happen. And that is why we must always act with caution, making sure to follow the example of the prophet (PBUH) to the letter.

This reminds of the story of how Hazrat Hamza (RA) reverted to Islam. One day, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was in meditation at the foot of Safa mountain, when Abu Jahl rebuked him in an extremely objectionable language and struck him. Uttering not a word, the Prophet (PBUH) returned home. Hamza had just returned from hunting, and he came to know about this incident. He rushed angrily to the compound of the Ka’aba, and saw Abu Jahl sitting among other Quraish leaders. He reproached and hit him, making the Shahada (the testimony in the oneness of Allah and prophethood of Muhammad). If the prophet had not been patient, and had he spoken angrily back at Abu Jahl, Hamza most likely would not have died as a believer.

The Prophet exhibited this attribute on countless occasions, and because of it, many believed and followed his path. It is, therefore, imperative for us too to inculcate it. May Allah (glorified and exalted is He) make it easy for us.




Oh I feel thy presence

Unlike none other I have felt

I see your unique refulgence

All evil, indeed, it does pelt

This is indeed a great coming.

I have waited long for thee

Share with me your countless blessing

Oh Ramadan, leave me not but as one who truly ‘believe’.




“Why should I accept a theory from someone who, in the simplest possible terms, cannot satisfactorily explain it himself?” ~ Adebajo A.F.

In my on-going quest through this serene yet tumultuous world, I have met persons of different tribes, faiths and dispositions; whether physically or virtually (i.e. online). This might be partly due to the multi-religious and heterogeneous nature of Nigeria, where I hail from. I, as a person, just like the people I have met and the acquaintances I have made; also have an identity: a set of beliefs, ideas and opinions I strongly hold on to, my world-view. For instance, I believe there is a God, and He is one (no strings attached), I believe in the prophethood of Muhammad (PBUH) and many who have come before him, I believe that there is no naturally superior man or race, I believe this world is a test for mankind, a journey to the hereafter etc. My beliefs, be they invented or accepted, are of course, open to criticism or even condemnation. However, there truth-values do not depend on the existence, or in fact, the possible existence of these criticisms, but on whether, indeed, they can withstand further objective debate.

The world is designed in such a way that it is harmonious, yet much divided. Everybody, down to each single individual, has a specific and unique combination of ideologies; many of which violently contradict. It is these contradictions that make this world beautiful and exciting, as we tend to learn many grotesque things every day and meet many a strange people. But then again, it is these inevitable contradictions in thought that cause tribal, racial, religious and ideological rifts among men, leading to avoidable deaths and tragedies.

Since my days in senior high school, I have found myself engaging in inter-faith debates. However, then, I knew more or less little or, in fact, nothing on the subject. I, like many other ignorant mature ones, would (although very rarely) resort to argumentum ad baculum (appeal to force), when other defences prove futile. But as time went by, most especially after my introduction to the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria), I became more familiar with theological and metaphysical topics. And the various discoveries I have made on this journey, in my personal research, only gave me a stronger, logical conviction that my creed is the not just the best for the settling of worldly affairs, it is a perfectly divine set of ideas that guarantee eternal peace. It is both mundane and transcendental.

Man is naturally a homophilosophicus, a reasoning animal. He is naturally curious, asking questions about the nature of things, demanding answers to everything imaginable. Once he gets a satisfactory answer, he feels fulfilled. However, after a flaw is detected in that answer, the quest starts all over. Perhaps, to seek a new answer or patch the defect in the already found one. This is the nature of man, always seeking perfection, cognitive consonance and a good understanding of his place in the realities of life. This is who we are, and it is a good thing.

But… this good nature is usually suppressed by the environment man finds himself. I believe man passes through three phases of reasoning. As soon as he is born, he becomes sort of an iPod because his parents will start downloading their thoughts into his brain. They tell what to do and what not to do, what to believe and what not to believe; and he just accepts all the files, including viruses too. As time goes by, he turns into an automaton, able to act on his own but still depending on his earlier programming for survival. Many never leave this stage, they become affixed to it. However, the last phase is that of a homo-sapien. At this final stage, he becomes truly philosophic, weighing and assessing ideas before accepting or rejecting them. His bias and sentiments do not take the better part of him.

It may be a cause of wonder what actually I mean by the word ‘homopaulinus’ in the title. The Merriam-Webster dictionary, ‘Pauline’ means “of or relating to the apostle Paul, his epistles, or the doctrine or theology implicit in his epistles. So, who are the homopaulinus? They are men who follow Pauline propositions in their day to day activities. And they are no other than the modern-day Christians. What? No, that can’t be, you say. Christians are followers of Jesus Christ, the son of Mary. They even bear his title. Well, my reason for saying otherwise is quite simple. Paul, a self-acclaimed apostle (taking the place of Judas Iscariot) is an ex-Jew known for fervently persecuting Christians, who then mysteriously converted to Christianity after seeing a vision of Jesus. He wrote over half of the book in the New Testament, that is 14 books, if the book of Hebrew (one of the books with doubtful authorship) is to be included. Most of what Paul taught in his epistles strongly contradict the gospels of Jesus and his disciples.

Davis D. Danizier, on, said: ‘There is more than enough evidence to support the view that the “Christianity” that we have inherited is the legacy, not of Jesus of Nazareth, but of Paul of Tarsus.” He also quoted Jeremy Bentham, a famous English philosopher, as saying “if Christianity needed an Anti-Christ, they needed look no farther than Paul” (paraphrased). Pauline contributions to the Bible are the most solid sources that vindicate or give divine backing to acts such as slavery, degradation of women, celibacy; there is even evidence that he supported gaiety. Most Christians follow his principles, thinking that they follow Jesus. I’m sure few people are aware of the fact that “the conversion of Paul is the only event in the lives of the saints that is universally commemorated in the church as a feast day…celebrated every year on January 25.” For more Biblical references pointing to how Pauline and Jesus’s teachings are not compatible, see the work of Edgar Jones in

Now back to the crux of this write-up. I have a lot of Christian friends, some of whom I have find myself one time or the other engaging in religious talks with. A couple of course-mates in Olabisi Onabanjo University, some in the University of Ibadan, evangelists here and there and even my room-mate who constantly and indefatigably attempts to convert me. And one of the major things I have noticed about them (I.e. Christians) is their reluctance to give in to logic, science and common sense as yard-sticks when judging fundamental issues of faith. They say, how can billions of people who believe in nearly the same thing be wrong? They say why is it that they derive so much peace and pleasure from reading the Bible? They say Christianity provides a remarkable moral-code and ideal way of life and that is all that matters. They say if it is wrong, why does it feel so right? They talk about the inscrutability of speaking in tongues. However, all other faiths; Buddhism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Idolatry, Hinduism; feel right to those who practise them. Their scripture also pacify them. But they cannot all be holistically right as God is one and He can only wish to be worshipped in one way, and one way only. He cannot sanction abortion in one religion, and oppose it in another. He cannot give room for polygamy here and severely condemn it elsewhere. He cannot have the same image as man here and say that there is none comparable to Him somewhere else. He cannot describe Himself as 3-in-1 or 1-in-3 here and assert that He is one, no strings attached, there.

Only a people are right, the Catholics, Protestants, Hinduists, Buddhists, Judaists or Muslims. And that rightness can never be determined using emotional states or how one feels while practising ones faith. It cannot be determined by guess, for example by choosing at random from a heap of papers containing names of world religions. It can only be determined by using that one thing that makes us human, the one thing that distinguishes us from animals, the thing naturally given to all from birth- our intellect, the ability to separate right from wrong, ability to identify good and bad arguments, logic. I hereby submit that logic is the only available yardstick for the task of separating the wholly divinely authenticated religion from the others which misguide billions of lives daily.

The unfortunate thing is most Christians will never give in to this fact. They always fidget and forcefully oppose you if you mention logic while discussing theology, perhaps because they are well aware that Christianity, if subjected to critical intellectual bashing, will not survive even a minute. When shown facts that state that there are inconsistencies in the Bible, making it not wholly the word of God; they simply reply that you cannot judge the Bible like other texts, you need the holy spirit, the inner eye, to be able to understand it. Or at times, they say it does not matter, as long as it teaches them morals (which is not even so, and those that it teaches, they often do not follow). They prefer to grope in their state of complacency than engage in deep thoughts which bring emotional inconvenience but intellectual progress.

History, in fact, shows that Christian leaders, from time, have never been in good terms with science, whenever it appears to derail from established biblical propositions. The church seemed to have always been at war with scientists and natural philosophers. As Carthaginian lawyer, Tertullian said around 200 A.D.: ‘what indeed has Athens to do with Jerusalem? What concord is there between the academy and the church?’ Scholars like Copernicus, Galileo, Michael Servetus were persecuted because their theories were considered heretical or inconsistent with the content of the Bible. Copernicus, who first postulated the theory of heliocentrism, in fact delayed publishing his work until he was on his death bed for fear that the church may violently disagree with him. Servetus was burned at the stakes by the protestant Switzerland. Galileo, an Italian scientist, was convicted for his heliocentric views i.e. the view that the Earth revolves around the sun which contradicts Christians’ placing the Earth at the centre of the universe. He was asked to “abjure, curse and detest” his views and then placed on house arrest for life. So, it is not a surprise, to find Christians, today, doing the same thing, but more mildly, as they no longer possess the power to do and undo, imprison and maim.

Another thing I have noticed in my encounters is their use of rhetoric. Christians greatly enjoy twisting words to evangelise and form a defence in discussions. For instance, you find them saying ‘no, no, no…you get it all wrong. Christianity is not a religion. It is a way of life’. I recently learnt that, perhaps after noticing a flaw, they now flatly equate Christianity to not just a way of life, but life itself. They even go to the extent of saying religion is not the solution, it is our problem, it is the opium of the society. What we need is to accept Jesus Christ. And if you ask what the difference is between the two (i.e. religion and way of life), the same perambulation will continue. They also often say that ‘can you say that in the religion you are now, you are enjoying a true relationship with God?’ Or perhaps, ‘what is your testimony? What is your personal experience that makes you stick to your belief?’ All these in an effort to confuse you. It is like they have been programmed to reply the way they reply. Whoever agrees with them solely on the basis of how they present their arguments and not on what the argument actually is, is like a bling man backing a bling man.

The incontrovertible truth is that the whole propagation of Christianity is an emotional enterprise. It feeds on the manipulation of human emotions. I am yet to see a successful pastor (in terms of followers) who is not ‘mouthed’, who cannot speak fluently and persuasively, who does not apply the principles of rhetoric. Their preaching is mainly on love, total cleansing of sin and salvation. For God so loves the world that he gave his only begotten son, right? Even non-Christians reflexively know this verse which is ever found on the lips of bible-thumpers. Well, it has been established as an interpolation. If you peruse the Revised Standard Version, never will you find this deliberate, ‘grave mistake.’
The fact that music constitutes 80 percent of an average Christian’s notion of worship also corroborates this claim, as music is the most effective way of tampering with a man’s state of mind.

My room-mate, while trying to tell me what Christianity has got to offer me, always resort to the holy-ghost and morality. ‘You see, you need the presence of the Holy Spirit in order to live a sinless life. Once you become born-again, you are no longer yourself; it is Christ that liveth in you.’ I then ask him: ‘are you saying since you’ve been born again, you have never sinned against man or God.’ And of course, he will reply in the negative. He will say, the holy-ghost only acts as guidance, it does not actually control ones actions as that is still subject to our will. Then, I say, what is the difference between the holy-ghost and the human conscience which every man possesses, even the atheist? No doubt, he thereafter resorts to prevarications.

I am certain that many Christians too have hidden doubts about their held believes. Many Christians have never completely read the bible. Many of them do not know how the bible came about, they do not know the origin of Christmas, new year, Easter; they do not know the origin of the trinity, praying on Sundays or closing of eyes. But the sad thing is not this profound ignorance, but the lackadaisical attitude they display toward it. They do not know and they do not care.

All they know is they can never become muslims. Islam is simply not an option because “muslims are terrorists, paedophiles, women haters, polygamous, dirty and blood-thirsty illiterates, who kiss the ground, worship the moon-god and bow down to the sun, towards a black stone in the desert.” And because of this, they prefer to just stick to what they have, no matter how absurd it is.
In conclusion, I wish to cite the story of a man called Dr Laurence Brown (,,,, all sites belong to him). Dr Brown used to be an atheist before God changed his life. His two daughters were born in more or less an interesting, miraculous manner. In 1989, his first daughter, Pristina, was born, and she was able to stand by herself on the very first day of her life. But he did not get any message. 10 months later in 1990, his second daughter, Anna, was born in the George Washington hospital in the US, one of the best. He was much concerned to find that Anna was blue, from the chest to the toes. This means that her blood did not have oxygen. With scanning, they saw that her aorta was very narrow at a point. She was dying and her body was suffocating. There was a surgery, at the time, which could allow the aorta to be replaced by a graft. But the possibility of survival was slim, children who undergo it don’t often do well. His expectation was that she would be acted on, live a few years, have to do the surgery again and then eventually die.

He left the intensive care unit because he was not helping the doctors do their job. And there was a prayer room nearby. He entered it and prayed with sincerity the first time in his life. Hitherto, he felt he was always in charge, he knew how to handle his problems. He had never been in a helpless situation in his life. Dr Brown used to be an atheist, denying the existence of God and in fact, convincing others as well.

He went into the prayer room, thinking it was just a prayer room, nothing more. No cross, crucifixes, no religious symbols at all. and immediately, he felt it was the right place to be. At that moment, he knew there was nothing he could do with his worldly power to help his child. And the power that can help her (if it did exist) was that of the Almighty. As he was an atheist, his prayer was: ‘oh God, if you are there, I need help…if you save my daughter, and you guide me to the religion that is most pleasing to you, I will follow it.’ He made a deal. He went back to the intensive care unit about 15 minutes after he had left, and he noticed immediately that something had changed. The cardiac surgeon then told him that Anna was going to be fine. The doctor tried making a scientific explanation for this turn-around, but they all knew it could not be and he did not buy into it.

He, therefrom, in a bid to keep his promise, started searching for this religion that was ‘most pleasing’ to God. He studied Buddhism, Taoism, and Shintoism. It did not take him long to decide against these religions. He then worked his way to Judaism. In Judaism, he found some truth. But he was not satisfied. There he found the prophesy of three men to come (John the Baptist, Christ and the prophet). He moved to Christianity. He found Jesus calling himself the son of man. He found him saying in 3 different places in the bible that ‘God is one’ is the first of the commandments. He could not find the concept of trinity anywhere in the bible. The bible scholars would say but it says so in the first epistle of John, chapter 5, verse 7; but he also found out that that verse was nothing but a forgery. It does not exist in the original manuscripts, and modern bibles do not contain it (scoffield’s reference bible). He could not find a priest in any sect to answer his questions and clarify his doubts. He could not find himself accepting many Christian doctrines, such as the trinity, original sin and so on.

He felt confused and lost. It was like he was not making any progress. And due to the fact that, in the west, the last religion most people consider is Islam, it was Islam he studied last. Reading about Islam and Prophet Muhammad, everything fell in place; the prophecy in the old testament, the oneness of God, accountability of every man for his own deeds, direct relationship with God, all these which Jesus truly taught. He found a consistency between the two teachings. And eventually, he accepted Islam. He found all the answers to his questions in Islam. And he “found Islam as the conclusion in the chain of revelation.”

Concluding his story, Dr Brown says, “if there is one message I have for the audience, it is this: we come to the religion of truth not on our own except as we ask for it. Allah guides those who he wills. Pray to Allah by whatever name you know him. Pray to the creator with sincerity. Ask him to guide in your heart and in your mind to the religion of truth, and to make you pleased with it. You will find, if you are sincere and if Allah answers your prayer, you will find that the religion of truth enters your heart. And in shaa Allah, you will join us as a brother or sister in Islam.”




After praising, and thanking God, the
Prophet, may God send His praises upon
him said:

“O People, lend me an attentive ear, for I
know not whether after this year, I shall
ever be amongst you again. Therefore,
listen to what I am saying to you very
carefully and take these words to those
who could not be present here today.

O People, just as you regard this month,
this day, this city as Sacred, so regard the
life and property of every Muslim as a
sacred trust. Return the goods entrusted to
you to their rightful owners. Hurt no one
so that no one may hurt you. Remember
that you will indeed meet your Lord, and
that He will indeed reckon your deeds.

has forbidden you to take usury (interest),
therefore all interest obligation shall
henceforth be waived. Your capital,
however, is yours to keep. You will neither
inflict nor suffer any inequity. God has
Judged that there shall be no interest, and
that all the interest due to Abbas ibn Abd’al
Muttalib shall henceforth be waived…
Beware of Satan, for the safety of your
religion. He has lost all hope that he will
ever be able to lead you astray in big
things, so beware of following him in small

O People, it is true that you have certain
rights with regard to your women, but
they also have rights over you.

that you have taken them as your wives
only under a trust from God and with His
permission. If they abide by your right
then to them belongs the right to be fed
and clothed in kindness. Do treat your
women well and be kind to them for they
are your partners and committed helpers.
And it is your right that they do not make
friends with any one of whom you do not
approve, as well as never to be unchaste.

O People, listen to me in earnest, worship
God, perform your five daily prayers, fast
during the month of Ramadan, and offer
Zakat. Perform Hajj if you have the means.
All mankind is from Adam and Eve. An
Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab,
nor does a non-Arab have any superiority
over an Arab; white has no superiority
over black, nor does a black have any
superiority over white; [none have
superiority over another] except by piety
and good action. Learn that every Muslim
is a brother to every Muslim and that the
Muslims constitute one brotherhood.
Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim
which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it
was given freely and willingly. Do not,
therefore, do injustice to yourselves.
Remember, one day you will appear
before God and answer for your deeds. So
beware, do not stray from the path of
righteousness after I am gone.

O People, no prophet or apostle will come
after me, and no new faith will be born.
Reason well, therefore, O people, and
understand words which I convey to you. I
leave behind me two things, the Quran and
my example, the Sunnah, and if you follow
these you will never go astray.
All those who listen to me shall pass on my
words to others and those to others again;
and it may be that the last ones
understand my words better than those
who listen to me directly. Be my witness, O
God, that I have conveyed your message to
your people.”

Thus the beloved Prophet completed his
Final Sermon, and upon it, near the
summit of Arafat, the revelation came
“…This day have I perfected your religion
for you, completed My Grace upon you,
and have chosen Islam for you as your
religion…” (Quran 5:3)



As-Salaam ‘alaekum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.!

Just made a little calculation which I’d love to share… especially to those whose wish is to become memorisers of the Holy Qur’an.

A typical Qur’an has 604 pages, let’s say approximately 600.
It also has, at most, 15 lines per page.

For a beginner in terms of hifz-ul-Qur’an … memorising the whole Qur’an will take…

* 600 days, i.e. 1.6 years if he memorises a page [15 lines] each day (which is absolutely possible).

* 2.5 years if he memorises 10 lines each day.

* 5 years if he memorises 5 lines each day.

* 8.2 years if he memorises 3 lines each day.


* 12.3 years for 2 lines each day.

This is got by multiplying 600 by 15, dividing the result [9000] by 365 [number of days in a year], and then dividing the result [24.66] by the number of memorised lines per day.

Remember; with sincerity and consistency…you too can become an hafiz.!

“And We have indeed made the Quran
easy to understand and remember;
then is there anyone that will receive
[Quran 54:17]

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Posted by ADEKUNLE A.F

AMMA Muslim !


I’m a muslim and I’m proudly so. 🙂
::This image was downloaded {as a blank T-shirt} and editted using a mobile application.::

Now that I’m through with my first semester examinations … with the couple o’ leisure time that I’ve got on my hand, I should be able to update this blog to a considerable extent, and to your enjoyment by the Grace of God.


Posted by ADEKUNLE A.F



As if to say, ‘for the sake of the doubting thomases among you, I will show you yet another sign’. It was on a Wednesday afternoon {27-03-13}, that my very good friend, Jimoh Mujib, called me and said a brother of his just told him of a miraculous tree near his abode in Ibadan. This tree has inscriptions of ‘Allah’, ‘Allahu Akbar’ and ‘Muhammad’ {PBUH} on it. It is worth mentioning that this is barely four weeks after the extraordinary meat was discovered by a sister in the University of Ibadan.
Much excited to hear the news, I decided that we should waste no time and go to the spot to see the tree for ourselves immediately after our last class for the day. After all, seeing, they say, is believing. At around 05:30pm, we set out for Moniya, the town where the miracle is said to have surfaced. During the journey, my friend took time to tell me about Moniya, its environs and its peculiarities.
First he told me of a masjid which we passed by. The construction of this masjid was completed about three months ago. However, the shocking thing is that, it actually kicked off, even before his Dad was born, that is perhaps more than 50 years back. He then told me of the inhabitants of the neighbourhood. Cautioning me to keep my cell phone in my pocket, he said acts of immorality and incidents of theft are rampant there, despite the fact its population constitutes majorly ‘Muslims’. Moniya is much unindustrialised, judging from the state of its road, the condition of its people and the looks of its houses. This is notwithstanding the fact that it is located precisely opposite the Akinyele local government council.
Eventually, we got close to where we were headed for. The news of the tree seems to have gone viral, as everybody we asked about it knew of it. Someone even told us we would not be able to see it as it is often surrounded by scores of people. Truly, on getting there we met a lot of people there, but not too much as to deter us from seeing the tree. The tree had already been fenced, it also had someone stationed in front of it to regulate the movement and actions of people near it. Some photographers, about three, were also there selling pictures of the tree, some with lettering, at the rate of a 100 naira.
With not too much stress we entered the fenced arena where the tree is and we saw for ourselves the vivid Arabic inscriptions of the names of God and His final messenger. But this is not the only scene that struck us. We saw two elderly women kneeling down and supplicating towards the tree, and a man scooping out sand from around the tree into an empty pure water sachet. No need saying that all these are innovations {bid’a} and acts of idolatry{shirk}, judging from the Islamic perspective.
After feeding my eyes as well as my phone, we proceeded to the house of one of the notable scholars in that environment, Alhajj Wasi’, so that we may inform him of our discoveries. On getting there, he told us that the religious scholars have gone to a great length to ensure that people desist from committing acts of shirk, in relation to the tree. He also said notable people and media houses from far and wide have come to see it. People came from Enugu, Cotonou, Sarki and even Lagos. And the stations that came included BCOS, MiTV, AIT, radio Nigeria: Amuludun and Eko Aditu. He also said that the crowd that filled the place on Monday was enormous, numbering up to 10,000.
From the Alhajj’s house, we went back there, with the intention that my friend would admonish the people, to tell them that the tree is only a sign from Allah, and it should not be worshipped in leau of the person that created it. During his speech, we showed those standing the picture of the miraculous chunk of meat discovered in UI, to tell them that it is not the signs that deserve our dedication and supplications but the being Whose name is written on them.
During the course of our stay there, I went up to the gentleman manning the tree, and threw some questions at him. He identified himself as Sharafadeen Oye. Concerning the population of people at the spot some days, he said they were very many, ‘afi bi omi’ i.e. just like water. People slept there, and in fact the place was jam-packed with food vendors. He also said some of the letterings on the tree are just coming up, and the other ones are not as clear due to excessive rubbing of hands on them. People did all sorts of things with the tree. Some bowed to it, prayed beside it for children, exhumed sand to take home, hugged it, broke its branches and so on. They even went to the extent of breaking the fence in order to get to it; so that another one had to be erected and barbed.
The signs were first seen on Sunday, but it got much attention on Monday and Tuesday. The attention it got was such that both students and teachers failed to go to school, in order to see it. We eventually left the scene for Mujib’s house at around 07:10pm. And then, we got back to school at almost 9 O’ clock.
What I can say I learnt within that 4 hours journey is that the Muslim ummah is no more what it used to be. We have derailed from the pristine path of Islam, and from the example of the Holy prophet Muhammad {PBUH}. Allah is showing us all these hints, not for any other thing but for us, as mankind in general to have a rethink on our ideal purpose of being in this world. Without an iota of doubt, we have gone astray. And until we trace back our roots, mankind will forever be turmoil because, take it or leave it, true Islam is the only solution to both our worldly and spiritual problems.




‘Quod non apparet non est’; that is the philosophy of some people. If they hear about it, they will say ‘seeing is believing’. If they are privileged to see it, they will say ‘this is not sufficient to convince us, we need to see more’. THIS is the trait of no other than hypocrites. It is akin to the story of a man who lives in a dilapidated house, and then after a tireless demand for succour the state decides to demolish it and build a new strong state-of-the-art home for him. But rather than relocating to his new home, the man still clings to the old rubble.

On a Tuesday, the 26th day of February to be exact, something peculiar transpired in Queen Elizabeth II hall, University of Ibadan. A 200 level student of Bio-chemistry who goes by the name, Ola Kareem Khayrah, was visited by her mom and given some chunks of raw meat. Later on, as she was boiling the meats, the intriguing incident took place: the name of God, as it is universally used by Arabs and Muslims, appears on one of the chunks.

Relating it, in my presence, some hours later, at the Dawah Enlightenment programme organised by the Muslim students’ society of the university, Khayrah had this to say; ‘’my mommy brought raw beef for me in Queen’s hall. I took the meat to the meat to the kitchenette to boil. As the meat started to simmer, an inscription of Allah’s name in Arabic language {الله} began to appear on a piece of the meat. The more the meat boiled, the clearer the inscription became. I then decided to fry that slice of meat, perhaps, the name will disappear. Lo! It became more engraved on the meat after frying. The experience really shocked me.’’

It is worthy of note that this is not the first time something like this would happen, neither is it the second, fifth nor tenth I have personally seen. We have seen and heard of related cases in other parts of the globe, but none ever this nigh. There is the case of the tree bowing towards the Ka’aba, the child born with Arabic inscriptions, the cactus plant forming ‘Allah’, the mosque that withstood a great seismic activity amongst many others.

One au fait with the Glorious Qur’an ought not to be flummoxed by the happening as it is indelibly stated in the divine scripture that ‘we will show them Our signs in the universe and in their own selves, until it becomes manifest to them that this [Qur’an, Islam] is the truth…’ {Q41, V53}

Verily, Islam is the only true religion endorsed by the Almighty. It is the only solution to all worldly snags. It is the only source of salvation. If only we did but know, those of us yet to accept Islam as the only genuine guidance for mankind would do so, and those who have, would hold it dearly in order to secure an eternity of peace and rest of mind.

Ad summum, as is the catch phrase of legal minds, ‘res ipsa loquitur’: ‘the thing speaks for itself’. There is absolutely no need for unnecessary elucidation and lengthy literature, in order to underscore what is already evident. And like I always say, ‘a word is enough for the wise, and a million chapters will never suffice a fool.’

‘Whoever goes right, then he goes right only for the benefit of his own self. And whoever goes astray, then, he goes astray to his own loss…’ {Q17, V15}