I may pretend I do not see you
But I do quite clearly
In fact
I seize every chance to take a look
I see you
Working against my success so doggedly
A devil incarnate you must be

You please my eye-balls
But worry my soul
You serve yourself
For others to devour
You think you are at liberty?
All you are is a slave
To the society

You roam the streets
Like a gentle lunatic
No better than a dog
Proud of its regalia
You put on fishnets
And say you are decent
You cover yourself in nylon and strands
And claim to be clad

Mini-skirts, mini-wits
Sleeveless shirts, zero feats
Buried face, glaring folly
If you deem yourself gorgeous
Why not ask your past love
Your days are numbered, O whore
For old-age is no one’s foe

My pals would point at you
As if to say
Now that is one material
Worthy of wedlock
In disgust I shake my head
Because I know
You are no more
Than a second-hand doll

You this clown!
You have the cheek
To say you a woman?
All you are is
A left-over dish
A worthless toy
A prostitute, in disguise




The awareness of guilt
The state of reticence
The manacle of restraint
That has accompanied me for years
Has vanished as a bubble does in thin-air
Only its fragments remain
In places of extreme solitude

Civilisation has separated us
Technology has sundered us
Imperialism has disunited us
I have lost my conscience
I have lost my rue
I thought I had freedom
But the reverse is the case

Your dearth, it is, that makes me
Take to the streets in rags
Indiscernible from a lunatic
Except that I appear less filthy

Your dearth, it is, that makes me
Steal from my fellow country-men
Relegating many into poverty
Without a hint of penitence

Your dearth, it is, that makes me
Defiant to mother nature
Longing for repulsive coupling
With another who is gender-equal

Your dearth, it is, that makes me
Commit crimes against humanity
Slaying my man-kind en masse
Only to satisfy my egomania

Your absence is killing me
But I know not
Your lack is bestialising me
But I fear not
Reality is only a lid away
It is more than a big shame
That not anymore can I find shame