Hello Mr Zuckerberg;

This is probably the umpteenth time you would come across this proposition … thus, I am only attempting to reinforce it. I will be as succinct as possible in sharing my thoughts.

We have witnessed various modifications on this network … some improvements, others, not so much. I do not know how many of them were done with the consideration of the opinions of Facebookers, but I sure know there is no “open” suggestion/complaint page or
opinion poll anywhere on the site.

Without further ado, I have two major suggestions;


One is that an ‘unlike’ button should be introduced on Facebook. Many a time, one
would wish to express dissatisfaction at a post and what better & quicker way to do
that than with a “dislike”, “unlike” or “hate” button?

The current lack of it may be as a result of the fear of been accused of mimicking other social networks such as Youtube.
However, it would be of immense benefit to all, if this simple feature is introduced.

Secondly, I also want to implore the administrators of Facebook to consider allowing Facebook users the privilege of
being able to view whoever visits their wall.

It is common to see numerous viral apps claiming to have this “blessing” only for you click on them and be utterly disappointed.
I think it is hightime Facebook itself initiated this idea. It would cost little but it’s effects, I assert, will be pleasing.
Not only would this make surfing through the site more fun, it would increase the
bond between friends and promote the basic goals for the establishment of Facebook.

Thanks, as we all anticipate the
implementation of the afore-mentioned

Signed: Adekunle F Adebajo.