Mother Nature, do wake up!
Your subjects, against you, are rebelling
I say it is high time you spoke up
Damn the west, answer my calling

I see things, most strange and sad
My eyes have become weary,
Men and beasts have switched sides
Oh! My poor, frail heart is heavy

Cast judgment, Mother Nature!
Truly, nobody is not blameworthy 
Not the ‘brilliant’ Professors in academia
Not the ‘custodians’ of God’s Holy dwelling

Some make bold to say ‘nude is better’
‘In fact, we need clothes no longer’
‘If you want to show your aplomb’
‘Damn shame, march as you were born’

I say, if nudity were a true emblem,
Of concrete confidence and acute acumen
It only follows, that rats and monkeys
Are more refined than haughty humanity

I see things, most strange and gloomy
Things I wish I never did see
Those thought as most chaste in the city
Wear sparse clothes tighter than the skin

How low we have come to stoop
How high we have reached in guilt
Ah! Man has left his alluring half
And doth make love to his equal kind

Such evil, such taboo, such abomination!
Enough to wipe out the Pacific Ocean
So great, mountains crumble in shame
Birds heard and lost their voice amazed

Even swine and brutes are not as silly
To stray from Mother Nature’s decree
Then proclaim to the world that is healthy
A right to be mad, to be free from sanity

Day by day, worse and worse
How I fear for the unborn successors
If this day can like this be
I wonder what the morrow will bring