war of words

I want to talk, see I have to say my mind

I wan yan wetin my eyes don dey find

Please lemme be, lemme say this, lemme speak
Of this evil that has, no doubt, got to its peak

In the 1960s, my mama used to say,
Then things were cool, those were the good ol’ days,
So cool she wished she could just replay
All the things that happened in all the little ways
You know,
Things may not be urbane
But at least they were great
People may not be civilised
But, hey, they were upright,
Things were all-right,
And there future was bright

Look around now
And tell me what you see
Is it really ideal or just mere travesty?
Tragedy has become a daily reality
Ladies and gentlemen
What remains of morality?

What is left of what is right?
Who is left bold enough to be right?
Without fright
Even when others attempt to kill his plight

What is left of what is right?
No, no, no, in fact…
What is left of so-called human rights?
Our birth rights, our franchise
Clearly, they no longer worth more than a bag of rice

The truth if told shall set you free they say
But here, my guy forget, t’ll end you up in jail

What is left of what is right?
What is left when you get rid of light
Darkness, disease, doom, poverty…
Where normal things have become abnormality
And anomalies are seen as ordinary

The tree-roots are raised to the sky
And the leaves buried underneath
So much corruption, even the sun is shy
To show its lovely face when the hour is fit

Where on eight of October, the Moon is red
And human blood is black, being always shed
Where when kids speak about their love life
Elders keep quiet to learn and re-strategize

Where we worship virtually every day; we are religious
But day after day, we still are not righteous
A world where we take comedians serious
And view politicians as hopeless laughingstocks
Where the female folks cover up their skin tone
But they are still much naked even to the bone

We live in a world where private parts are publicised
And public bodies are privatised
The fair sex is objectified
And everything, from movies to adverts, is just over-sexualised

We live in a world
Where, common sense is no longer common
Maybe, as commonplace as diamond?
Where underclothes are worn alone
And underwears are worn under no wear

We live in a world where the streets have become
A scene for filthy and devilish porn
Every day innocent but straying flowers are torn
Every day, even more and more retrogression

Oh fellow compatriots, Arise!
I mean, when will this world be wise
Enough to really realise
That it never ever pays to compromise?

Whatever you are doing,
Schooling, working, playing, sitting or standing
Just listen
In whatever you say, whatever you do
Don’t go the cunning way, embrace rectitude

Wetin remain for wetin correct?
If you think say the question no concern you
And you say what the heck
Abeg, why you no leave your cash at your doorstep
And see whether e go last one sec!

So what is left?
Only me and you
For things do not change
Except we do!

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