This Is A Great Chance For Nigerian Youths To Showcase Their Excellence!

Nigeria Centenary Blog


Name of Competition: TGIC QUIZ SHOW–Thank God It’s Centenary Quiz Show

Theme: I Know My Country

Slogan: I am Nigeria, Nigeria is Me

Vision: To broaden the minds of Nigerians through knowledge of our history as a spring board for our future growth and understanding of our present  

Mission: To educate Nigerians about the history of the country as a means of promoting our unity. 

Background: In light of the celebration of the 100 years amalgamation of Nigeria (1914-2014), TGIC Quiz Show is the 2nd Season of the TGIC Competition that had been going online. It intends to provide edutainment to Nigerians between the ages of 18-39. The Quiz show is an integral part of the Social media platform of the Nigeria Centenary Celebration.

The TGIC Competition Season 2 is in two stages/categories

(1) Entry stage is: the…

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