THE TERRIBLE PAIN by Queen Esther Oyebode

Inhuman, Is it not?
Provocative, still it hurts,
the terrible pain,
that made her insane,
she was caught unaware,
with her hands flying in the air,
her head spinning clockwise in despair,
screams now heard in short whispers,
eyes bloodshot, legs blood-stained.
Her pride has been stolen.
Stolen?? Yes,it has been stolen,
without her conscent,
an arbitrary decision
made by people whose thoughts
are of their own pleasure,
forgetting the plight of the masses,
the pain and anguish they have put them to
death rates increasing
the economy’s finances continually
people meant to hold the system,
decides to turn it over,
their personal hunger,
getting everything for themselves,
reaping off the pride of the society
and tha goodwill
meant for all!!!


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