15-year old Omoyeni IbukunOluwa wins Int’l Spelling contest

Picture showing Ibukun and A’ishat with Professor Soyinka and President Goodluck.

After correctly spelling 37 words live
on-stage, 15 year-old Ibukun
Omoyeni of Prince of Glory College,
Lagos, spelt the word myxomatosis to
win the 2012 edition of Spellbound
Africa recently held at Abuja. He beat
children from 13 other states and the
FCT to successfully defend the Title
won by Gbemileke Oyefeso also of
Lagos State in 2011.
In second position was 12 year old
Hauwa’u Lawal of Jigawa State
Academy For the Gifted and Talented,
Bamaina. She spelt 37 words
correctly. Adaeze Williams of Divine
Mercy Secondary School, Abuja came
third, while Olivia Okechukwu of
Community Senior Secondary school
Oyingbo, Rivers State, came fourth.
The children studied 3,000 english
words for 3 months from which
words were chosen for them to spell.
Words like phantasmagoria,
arteriosclerosis, neuroinformatics,
discombobulated, higgledy-piggledy
etc were spelt.
At this event, the Guest of Honour,
the Governor of Jigawa State,
represented by Alhaji Isa Audu,
received the annual SUPER-DAD
AWARD from organisers of the
competition Ski-Hi Entertainment for
his contribution to education in
Jigawa State. He restated his
commitment to education as a
means of preparing the young
generation for the challenges ahead
of them. Aero Contractors also
received the Most Supportive &
Reliable Brand Award 2012 for
consistently supporting this project.
Spellbound Africa is an annual
spelling competition for children
studying in the English-speaking
African countries. It is for children
between 10 and 15 years old and has
run for four years now.
The Chief Executive of Ski-Hi
Entertainment, Mr. Ifeanyi Ogbu,
called on corporate brands and
media houses to consider sponsoring
academic events like this if Nigeria is
to have any hope of prosperity in
future. He also, pointed out that
football, music or acting is not the
only war to fame and fortune; but
that everyone should cooperate to
present academic excellence as a
sustainable route to the top.
15 States of the federation as well as
Ghana and Sierra Leone participated
in the 2012 edition of Spellbound

IbukunOluwa with his just-earned trophy.

Posting on his wall on facebook, IbukunOluwa said; ” I tried to remember 34 words from the
manual, which I was asked to spell. In no
particular order, they are;
1. Speleology
2. Dyspepsia
3. Pusillanimous
4. Protuberance
5. Anthropomorphism
6. Psephology
7. Ptomaine
8. Ulaanbaatar
9. Baksheesh
10. Aetiology
11. Quinquagesima
12. Thingamajig
13. Insouciance
14. Rhubarb
15. Sarajevo
16. Kanchenjunga
17. Chappaquiddick
18. Chimichurri
19. Formaldehyde
20. Phishing
21. Surreptitious
22. Mnemonic
23. Salopettes
24. Chrysanthemum
25. Asphyxiate
26. Ionosphere
27. Quadriplegic
28. Synaesthesia
29. Tagliatelle
30. Bougainvillea
31. Psoriasis
32. Philology
33. Kookaburra
34. Myxomatosis ”

Hmmn. How many of those do you know how to spell?
Actually, Ibukun and I are friends, and we both participated in the 2010) edition. I would have applied again in 2011 if not for the fact that I was a school leaver then.


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