Let the youths spring forth..
No matter the laws of men.
Man cannot be born an a
dult but a baby.
With known weakness but puzzled future.
Men die old and children replaced.
Two came in the place of one.
They never cease, always coming.
Beautiful ones born into the ugly world.
The irony of life.
As fire fears water.
Small David and the big Goliath.
A pen writes a book.
One wonders when babies will be born ugly.
For then will the world be beautiful.
Population count will show men, women,
young and old.
In their memories lies their youth.
They were ones the beautiful gift of nature.
They acted, they existed.
Grow and kill, they did.
In everything that happens, appears man’s
If the world is ugly; they made it so.
So, let the youth be revealed.
For with them comes beauty.
Let the youth be born.
For with them comes hope.
And let the youth grow.
For the future grows with them.
So, let the youth spring forth.
And make the world as beautiful as they
came into it.

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