PETALS by Agbaakin Amiable Jerry on Saturday, November 3, 2012


As i stand on the lonely roads.

I gazed enchanted by nature’s fold.

The flowers wave their summer petals.

Nature chains me with its crystillic metals.

I lay down my heavy thoughts on nature’s bed.

My burdened heart cared less about life’s bend.

But a greater burden refused to let go.

Hanging like Sword of Damocles over my soul.


I felt ostracized in a world of the three-thousand crowd.

I felt robbed in a world innundated with opulence.

Of beauty and wisdom crying aLoud.

I run ahead the sprinters but cant see the finishing line yet.

I feel deserted in a world laced with an hate for myself.

Mourning inside.

I cease being myself.

Losing what i am,coveting other’s.

Blaming the Creator,accursing my being born.

So the petals drilled me and showed me wisdom.

For to be an achiever is not by efforts.

But by blend of ability and luck.

The petals of the rose though unmoving.

Yet,they are contended with their sprightly beauty.

And never succumb to the overwhelming gaiety of the Lycidas.




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