Happy I am not.
Great is my wroth.
The winds tried to sing.
Words desert even the wisest king.
The leaves craved a dance.
Steps negate their stance.
Who can thwart the joy of living?
Those who,distress are striving.
Oh!nature,thou art so cruel!
My yearns and dreams you duel.
My hope and aspirations and happiness.
Lost to your brutal coarsness.
I have treaded through the wilderness.
Where even nature and trees cant be
Fellows willing to make you busted.
Where even your household is longing for
your fall.
Great pangs of curse rolling like a ball.
Flowing in a ceaseless dynasty.
Potent and ept like the divine majesty.
When you discover the perpetrators of your
Pain cuts through your heart like the onyx.
Why is humanity so wicked?
Many questions running on my head.
Nebulous dreams,shattered yearnings.
The book of my loss record now blaring.
No one seems to be honest.
In God i lay my trust.


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