In my little brittle mind.
I glanced the world behind.
With its gay delicate beauty.
Bequeauthed with its enviable gaiety.
Where man used to be man.
Where everybody has rigid plan.
When time acclaimed its value.
When people give tips and clue.
Where love reign supreme.
And care taken to the extreme.
Where honesty was the headlight.
Where humanity defied vulgar highlight.
Elders treated to their ordained respect.
And kids and youths fufiling this aspect.
Where man made no use of iron door.
And sherperd has no fear for a raid on his
merchandize on the moor.
And even men god-like are very perfect.
By gluing to mandates and moral precept.
Alas!i realized the world is lost.
People deviated from moral just.
Where souls are after their brother’s fall.
Where corruption and indecency call.
Where creatures tread movement by odd
Where money and materials are the first
Where insecurity is duely installed.
And fame and pride was walled.
Then i barricated myself on a pole.
Seeing troops of search-squad with a nasty
And a new dawn of the former world.
Was duely brought on board.
Then i woke up from my day dream.
Feeling optimistic of the world’s delivery.
One day only the chorus’lost but found’


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