Leaning on my bare bed.
I couldnt make out this trend.
My eyes are spinning so fast.
And my stomach churning for a blast.
I feel like a stranger in my own world.
Everything so uneasy on my nerve cord.
I have forfeited that precious gem.
My mind is set at a mayhem.
My body is tearing away in a discord.
The great giant have lost his sword.
The hero is bereft of comfort.
I count my defeat from first to the fourth.
I am trying to figure out my hold.
Try to warm my mind so cold.
If i could muster the galaxy.
If i can assemble the twinkles on the sea.
If these passing problems can be hasty.
If my nerves would cease being nasty.
If i could regain my lost intiut.
If i could let go this painful guilt.
If i could realize how i have derailed.
Derailed from conscious and failed.
In a world inundated with my own
I could not curb my self-centredness.
I feel like Lucifer’s prentice.
All left between me and God is malice.
What great pride has delved through my
Never revered he that made the earth.
Who will be my evternal guest.
Who created the worst and best.
I defied his greatness and splendour.
I infringed on my own joy with untrained
If i can approach that great MAN.
If i could hasten my dead reconc plan.
If i could just whisper my plead.
Confess my sinful deeds.
If he could bath me in his clemency.
If i could be a beneficiary to his mercy.
All my impossibilties,my mirage and
All my silent doses of woe.
If i could find his copious grace.
If i could make out of this deadly maze.
If my ifs could be possible.
Then the whole world would be my


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