SIN: IT’S BEHAVIOUR, IT’S REMEDY (2) (conclusion)

I would like to end this write-up with a quotation from the greatest and most influential man in history. He said, ‘whoever can guarantee to me what is between his two lips and what is between his two legs, I can guarantee him paradise’. True, isn’t it, that a large percentage of sins are centred around these two things. We only act with the hope of satisfying these two body parts i.e. our mouth, i.e. what we take in and our amorous desires. People slander, backbite, steal billions, kill thousands and rape tens because of these two things.
Therefore, as long as we are able to exercise great caution in our use of these endowments, we are on our way to living a near-sinless life, making the world a better place and we are bound to eventually gain God’s mercy…



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