Author: ‘Abd-Al-Fattâh b. Tajudinn.
Published on the 26th of October, 2012.

It is true that today, being the ‘Id-l-Adha (festival of the Sacrifice), is a day originally meant for felicitation. However, it would be equally felicitous if we chose this day for great warranted meditation. This is especially so because of the highly lugubrious sights that meet the eye on this day.
Prior to this special day, Muslims far and wide and across the globe have been running helter-skelter to ensure they fulfil the spiritual as well as the social obligations of the festival. Some have been gathering tit-bits from their earnings for months in order to meet-up while a microscopic few, the elites, just allocate a meagre percentage of their enormous income for the purpose.
More often than not, nominal and non-practising Muslims are seen to purchase rams/cows of greater quality and quantity. This is obviously not meant to please Allah (SWT); the aim is to show off and command respect among their counterparts.

On the first day of the festival, are happenings that are more disheartening. Numerous shameful things behold the eye on the path to the ‘Id ground. Despite the fact that Islam emphasises the importance of Modest dressing, and in fact strictly forbids transparent, tight and seductive attires, many still see today as the time to flout such injunctions.
Ladies wearing tranparent laces, perfume, short skirts, hair attachments, excessive make-up, high heels, and walking unashamed is such a common sight. Some would even go to the extent of exposing part of their assets.
In the same vein, some of their male counterparts are seen sagging, dying their hair, doing ‘galass’, ‘obama’ or any of those crazy hair-do’s, wearing gold chains and dragging their trousers on the floor as if doing a community service.

Before the prayer commenced, I couldn’t help but notice the ongoing inter-mingling. Aside from the fact that there was inadequate co-ordination, some (esp. women) actually dared lay their praying mats beside or infront those of the opposite sex.
This is nothing when juxtaposed with the issue of the non-observance of Salat by majority of muslims. There exist, a breed of Muslims who only observe As-Salatu Jumu’a (friday prayer), and worse-still are those who deem only the two annual ‘Id prayers as worthy of attention.

The number of Muslims we see on the streets this day, all over Nigeria, and in the world at large, is no doubt massive. But does this exact number reflect in our 5 daily salawaat in various local masaajid? The answer is NO!
Apart from this, I observed that many, in fact, TOO many muslims do not know the etiquettes of the Second pillar of Islam: Salat. We cannot perform it consistently with sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH). I was chanced to see a brother behind me doing the teslim after doing mine. By Allah, you’ll think he hasn’t engaged in any body exercise for months.
Thereafter, on our(i.e my brothers and I) way back home, there was the set of drummers and entertainers. Their presence is not even as annoying as the patronage they got from those celebrating.

Alas! It does not end there. Many; after praying, asking for guidance, and testifying that Allah is the King who will judge us fairly and accordingly on the Day of reckoning; will go back home to party, drink alcohol, listen to corrupt music, inter-mingle etc. all in the name of ‘Id. Thousands, if not millions of Naira, will be wasted only on the organisation of parties.

My cause of dissappointment does not end there. I still anticipate, with a mixture of indifference and pity, the famous OJUDE OBA festival which always takes place the 3rd day of the ‘Id. Indifference, because I am a staunch non-participant and pity because of the inevitable loss of properties, lives, virginities, manhoods and promising futures that will take place. My great source of concern is that this to-some-extent-gruesome event is inextricably linked with Islamic festivities.

Hence, and with these observations in mind, don’t we think we ought to dedicate time out of our merry-making to sincere reflection? What has befallen our Ummah? Are we comparable to the earlier generations of Muslims? What is lacking? Are we just increasing in figure with a relative decline in Strenght and Relevance? Where is our Iman, our Taqwa, our Closeness to God ???

We need to reflect and take actions,as a matter of urgency, starting with ourselves and purifying our souls.
We need to gain better understanding of our Deen and make it our most precious belonging.
We need to live this world, with the Akhira in mind.

Our Lord, forgive us our misdeeds and reward our good deeds.
Our Lord, bestow on us, Your mercy, guide us to the straight path and make us steadfast in Your service.
Our Lord, bless us in this world with good and in the hereafter, make us pleased and save us from the torment of the grave and the raging fire.


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